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Robert Lee – Adventurer!

I used to have adventures all the time.

When I was a kid,  I missed a connecting flight while on my way to meet my family.  I think it started there.  It freaked me out, but I  loved the excitement of being someplace and nobody was going to help me except for me.  Since then, I’ve found myself meandering down ancient city streets in the middle of the night.  I’ve met some of the strangest and most fascinating people.  On one occasion a  soldier pointed a gun turret on a military armored car at me.  On another occasion, a Hollywood Legend told me  stories about his good friend John Wayne, and how much he missed him.  I even attempted a Jedi mind trick on a soldier that had the intention of spoiling my day.  It did not work.

All of these adventures, and many others, have happened.  We should all seek out new adventures as often as possible.

This latest adventure begins with a car and route 80 west.  It will end with a wedding and an over night train trip.  Everything in-between is unwritten .

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